What do we do?

Technology Performance.

We use our proprietary technology for automatic and manual campaign optimization combined with complex targeting and budgeting capabilities this guarantee high performance and stable results for our clients.



No less important than building a strong positive image among a brand’s consumer base is being able to avoid the setbacks of negative brand associations by displaying ads only on website and apps with relevant content.

Creative Development.

Adapted banners and a loud call to action significantly increase click rate on your ad. Our marketers and designers created thousands of ad banners, video and native ads. We know how to capture user attention.


To Scale.

Connect to the leading media properties and gain access to more than 70 ad exchanges, SSPs and high-impact media across multiple channels. When positive ROI is achieved, we can scale hard.

Programmatic Buying.

Innovative Programmatic media buying to reach the right audience at the right time across more than 10 billion mobile bid opportunities worldwide. Programmatic Buying is cheapest and most scalable advertising method.

Social Media Marketing.

Complete services to ensure that every aspect of your campaign is successful, from strategic Facebook consulting and planning through multi-layered user segmentation. For a impulse impact on auditory – you need to use all advertising tools.


your Digital Marketing Strategy with WellWell

Advantages of Advertising with WellWell

Advanced Targeting

On RTB marketplace 70% of traffic is undetected. We use best DMP platforms and peer39 technology to identify users before bidding any impression.

Automatic Optimization

Automatic optimization works on both the campaign and the banner level, ensuring the campaigns and banners which show the best results are displayed more often.

Mobile Focused

Reach new users and re-engage existing ones across 25,000 top mobile apps, games, and leading mobile websites. 81% of our traffic for is mobile.

Fraud Detection

We have implemented a system that effectively detects click fraud, bot clicks, and other methods fraudsters use to scam advertisers.

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