Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Want to stand out from the crowd, but not with spending way too much money for holiday season promotion? Familiarize yourself with these key tips and instructions from some leading social media marketing experts and get your budget completely optimized.

Focus on using Facebook Messenger

Did you know that mailing letters on Facebook Messenger are opened by 60% more times than regular mailing?
Make a clear proposal, use links and pictures so that the user can make a purchase in a few clicks.

Create Gift Sets

It’s quite difficult to attract users’ attention in the holiday season when almost every brand offers promotions and makes good discounts on products.
The solution might be gift sets designed for a specific situation or category of customers. You save your customer’s time by offering him a turnkey solution, so the only thing to do — to purchase the desired product.

Go live on different social media platforms

Live videos provide an opportunity to start a conversation and find out what is really interesting for your audience.
To collect as many people as possible for your live broadcast, make an announcement in advance and offer prizes for those who’ll watch the video to the end.

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