How to Successfully Remote: 3 Tips from Social Media Professionals

How to Successfully Remote: 3 Tips from Social Media Professionals

Everyone dreams about remote work but not everyone does know what difficulties they will have to face in order to remain as productive, as they are in the office.

Due to recent events in the world related to the need of self-isolation, most professionals, whose work is connected with social networks, have switched to remote work. We interviewed various digital media professionals and compiled the top 3 tips, that will help you organize your day by day working process.

1. Create daily structure and routine

Get up in the morning at the time you usually do it, when you go to the office. Take a shower, have breakfast and get to work. Experts argue that such an approach will help to be more productive and concentrated.

The structure is also very important — it’s a plan that you will follow during the working day. Following the plan, you will accomplish more tasks by spending less time.

2. Arrange your working space

It is not necessary to create an entire office, you can arrange a small corner in the room for a working space. You need to make it as convenient as possible, free from household chores and other details that may distract you from work.

Try to find a place with good light, then you can easily conduct video consultations with the team, film live streams or shoot stories for your blog.

3. Stay connected with your team

If you are a team leader, we advise you to discuss with your team in detail how the working process will be rearranged. Some working moments, such as lunch or rest time, deadlines and others, can change a little and it will be easier if all employees know how to act.

Such an approach will also allow your employees to feel more comfortable, as they will also be able to build a convenient work schedule for themselves.

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