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Technology & Performance

Using our custom technology for automatic and manual campaign optimization combined with complex targeting and budgeting capabilities for clients & expected results.

Brand Safety

Forget about negative brand associations, mainly, we focus on building  a strong, positive image among a brand’s consumer base.

Creative Development

Adapted banners and a loud call to action significantly increase click rate on your ad. Our marketers and designers created thousands of ad banners, video and native ads. We know how to capture user attention.

Opportunities to Scale

Connect to the leading media properties and gain access to more than 70 ad exchanges, SSPs and high-impact media across multiple channels. When positive ROI is achieved, we can scale hard.

Programmatic Buying

Innovative Programmatic media buying to reach the right audience at the right time across more than 10 billion mobile bid opportunities worldwide. Programmatic Buying is the cheapest and most scalable advertising method.

Social Media Marketing

Complete services to ensure that every aspect of your campaign is successful, from strategic Facebook consulting and planning through multi-layered user segmentation. For an impulse impact on auditory – you need to use all advertising tools.

Social Media Marketing


We take similar and lookalike audiences to a whole new level, with machine-learning and predictive marketing technology that transforms leads into customers across all social channels. Through advanced tracking and real-time analysis, we continually monitor your campaigns and provide maximum results. Our dedicated campaign managers are experts in delivering the conversions you want and the campaign results you expect. We create a custom campaign based on your objectives including targeting, creatives and optimization. Increase ROI by motivating lapsed users to come back to your app and indulge your core customers with bonuses and special promotions to maximize the CPI.

Hyper-Targeting Capabilities

Our internal user data recognition mechanism allows our ad-server to implement hyper-targeting capabilities such as audience segmentation, location-based targeting, interests and any device agent parameter.

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